E.P.I.C. is a ministry for married couples
and singles with children!


This ministry, in conjunction with WWM Ministries, is
geared towards providing holistic instruction for women.


Text to Give

Looking for a simple and easy way to give?
We’ve provided a solution with “Text to Give.”
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Visit Our Mishpacha!

At Kadosh Life Ministries we refer to our church family as our “mishpacha.” Mishpacha, משפחה‎‎, in Hebrew simply means family. An entire family network comprising of relatives by blood and marriage and sometimes including close friends,
or also referred to as a clan.


This ministry taught me what it means to be a wife to my husband, a mother to my children, a woman to myself and to know WHO I really am and WHO’s I am! I now reciprocate ALL that I have learned and still learning.
K. Stevens

I am so thankful for my church, my pastors and my church family! Kadosh brings the unfiltered Word of God every single week!! It’s impossible to leave unchanged under this kind of rich teaching.
L. Vick

This place is amazing! The love everyone has for each other is like none that I have ever seen before. Kadosh Life Ministries is a place if you need familial love.